Have you ever been impressed by the large Scrolling Systems along the road? Then you probably saw the Megalight, our ideal illuminated solution for all your static, scrolling and  out-of-home large format campaigns.

Combining all the qualities of the Boran Reklam, the Megalight allows you to display large posters from 6 up to 9m² . Of course, our Megalight can also be completed with several options to fit your specific needs.



  • 2200×3200 mm visible area and 2500 mm metal foot
  • Single or double sided
  • Poster fitting section with slideway mechanism with European backlit vinyl
  • (4+4) 8 mm laminated glasses
  • Amortized lid system
  • Hidden lock and hinge
  • Rubber wick material between special water channel and cover body
  • Electrostatic painted
  • TSE and CE certified fluorescent lighting
  • Fuse and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter


  • Power led lighting
  • Single or double sided moving banner system
  • Ral code color selection
  • Glass foot


Megalights are the largest format of internally illuminated advertising panels, delivering scale and great impact. The sheer size and quality of the panel generates brand prestige, and transfers a message of dominance and power to the viewers. The panels come with standard sizes portfolio of locations that includes standout positions both inside and outside the areas making it great for reaching 100% of the audience that passes by.It has inner lighting and also is safety glass covered. It can be viewed from many angles thanks to its double sided advertisement surface. Megalights offer very clear night visibility thanks to its inner fluorescent lighting.


  • You only have a few seconds for someone to glance up at a billboard, so their size is a huge advantage. Large, bright, eye-catching graphics with one key message is the best route – it will leave people with a lasting impression in their mind.
  • Outdoor advertising on the whole is constantly evolving – media advertisers are working closely with brands to incorporate digital, social media and interactive strategies to increase consumer engagement.
  • Brands such as Coca-Cola, BMW, Sky, McDonalds, Tesco and Nike are all doing it – why aren’t you?

  • Solid thanks to the high strength aluminum
  • Ultra-low noise
  • Developed for use in even the harshest weather conditions
  • Poster trap for easily replaceable posters

Optional Power Led Lighting 

Single or double sided moving banner system

RAL catalogue color options all available

Stainless steel application

Megalight Projetcs