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Adshel are in the business of creating the smartest connections. Connecting brands to people and communities by harnessing the power of emotion, interactive content and the environment.



  • 1390×2000 mm body and 1390×300 mm glass foot
  • Single or double sided backlit system
  • Poster mount area with slideway mechanism lighted European vinyl -6 mm tempered glass
  • Special production aluminum covers with amortisor
  • Hidden lock and hinge
  • Rubber wick material between special channel and cover body
  • All electrostatic painted aluminum body
  • TSE and CE certified fluorescent lighting
  • Fuse and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter


  • Power led lighting
  • Single or double sided moving banner system -Ral code color selection
  • Application of stainless steel for sides


Adshel Live is a national network of digital screens that allow advertisers to creatively engage their audiences through context, immediacy and interactivity. Our panels are in premium locations across UK towns and cities and offer brands the flexibility to run real-time, dynamic adverts.

Run multiple creative and add interactivity to your campaign through pioneering technologies, including touchscreen, facial recognition and motion detection. Let your audience browse, create share and download your campaign content.

Optional Power Led Lighting 

Single or double sided moving banner system

RAL catalogue color options all available

Stainless steel application


  • Flexibility to run engaging advertising at the right times to reach audiences
  • Run multiple copy updates
  • Add interactivity though pioneering technologies, including touchscreen, motion detection and facial recognition